Black Wool Serges Curtains – Design, Manufacture, and Install

The Uses Of Black Wool Serge For Stage Curtains

Black wool serge is made from 85% wool and has been an industry staple for curtains for theatres, education, village halls and cinemas, and any other places with a stage, for very many years. They are certified to BS5867 Part 2 Type B. Black wool serge is naturally flame retardant without the addition of any flame-retardant chemicals.

Black serge drapes can be made from various widths from 120cm up to 180cm and sewn into any height and widths. Wool serge for drapes is actually available in a range of colours, but the most common for stage work is black. This is because black serge curtains are the best for cutting out ambient light which would otherwise be a distraction from the action on the stage.

Furthermore, serge curtains come in a variety of different weights, which can have an effect on cutting down background noise on the stage. You can get black serge drapes in weights from 300 grams per square metre (300 gsm) to as much as 1kg per square metre. The average serge drapes come in at around 500gsm.

Serge curtains have acoustic qualities, and the heavier the material and the more pleats there are, the better the reduction of sound travel will be. Please ask and we will be able to advise on the best black wool serge for your needs.

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