Blackout Curtains Can Reduce More Than Just Light

Contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains do not have to be black. They can be made in a variety of different colours and lined with a lightweight foam or have a core of black sunblock fibre.

In theatres, they are used to control the entry of light to specific areas, either blocking it completely or dimming it considerably, for whatever reason that is needed. However, blackout curtains are not only used in theatres, but also in many other places where the entry of light needs to be controlled such as conference centres, lecture rooms, university halls, schools, science laboratories, and more.

Furthermore, blackout curtains are not only used to control light but also can be used to control sound. So, for example, they might be used in a music rehearsal room or music studio where the sound coming in from the outside world interfere with the sound that is being sought.

It gets even better because you can also use blackout curtains to control the heat! Yes, you can use blackout curtains on your windows to reduce the heat of the sun in summer. Blackout curtains on your windows can actually reduce the amount of heat from the sun by as much as a quarter, which will make the room considerably more comfortable on those hot July and August days. If you use blackout curtains for that purpose, and your windows face east you need to ensure that they are drawn before sunrise: in fact, you may very well want to draw them before you go to bed.

Quite obviously, as the sun moves around during the day, you need to close your south-facing windows before it gets there, and your west-facing ones a little later. (Well, yes, strictly speaking, as the earth moves around, but it always seems to us that it is the sun which is doing so).

At Cameo Curtains we can make blackout curtains for you for any purpose that you require, whether it is to keep light out of a stage or conference hall, minimise noise from outside sound, or just keep you cooler in the summer. Blackout curtains can achieve all those ends.

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