Cameo Make Curtains For Big Windows

At Cameo Curtains, we are known the length and breadth of the country for our theatre and stage curtains. We manufacture and supply every type of theatre curtain including front of house curtains, tormentors, legs, backdrops, cycloramas (or cycs), borders, – in fact everything you could need. In addition to that, we supply all the theatre equipment that you need such as curtain tracks, theatre ropes, motors for motorised curtains, and we also have a full installation service for any venue in the UK. In fact, if you are buying curtains and/or equipment from us you should always let us install it because it is a job for professionals using the right equipment and tools.

However, we don’t just manufacture theatre curtains. Because we have the equipment and a skilled workforce, we can make any type of curtains for big windows. Very many buildings have large windows, some of them very large indeed.

Take department stores, for instance. Many have very large display windows and choose to close a pair of curtains when they are changing their displays so that members of the public who are passing cannot see what is going on. This is useful when they want to make a dramatic impact on, say, the first day of a sale or perhaps featuring a new designer for the first time. Major car dealerships also need curtains for wide windows in order to hide a new model of the brand of car that they sell until the international day of launch. Hiding things away like this builds up an air of excitement and anticipation in potential customers.

Then there are office blocks which have very grand entrance halls and need curtains for large windows. So do other places such as hotels and some public buildings.

No matter what your requirement for large curtains, at Cameo Curtains we have the tools and machinery, along with our team of skilled people to make curtains of any size that you need. As we said, we will also install them for you wherever required in the UK.

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