We Make A Wide Range Of Curtains For Many Purposes

At Cameo Curtains, we manufacture a wide range of stage curtains and front of house curtains in any width and drop that is required. However, we also produce curtains for many other purposes such as exhibition halls, conferences, hotels, office entrances, casinos, churches, village halls, schools and colleges, and many other uses as well. Basically, if you have a large space that needs curtains, we can do it. We don’t make curtains for your bathroom window: we could, but we specialize in covering large areas.

One of the most often required curtains that we are asked for is black wool serge curtains. These have many uses because they block out the light, but they also have sound-deadening qualities as well. This is why they have a number of uses in theatres as backdrops, legs, tormentors, fly bars, and so on. They are also often used for exhibitions when you need a backdrop for a stand, for conferences for the same reason, and they can be used as window curtains in buildings which have very large windows such as office receptions where there may be a need to shut off viewers from outside when it is dark and the lights are on.

These black serge curtains can also be used, and often are, as part of our pipe and drapes systems. These systems have many uses because they are easily transportable and don’t require any tools to set up. They have extra heavy base plates and uprights that can extend to 14 feet. The telescopic crossbars extend to 12 feet and just clip into the uprights, and you can have a series of them making them as long as you want. You can also use them at right angles so if you are exhibiting at, say, a county fair in the open air, you can section off your stand from those on either side.

Of course, you don’t have to have black serge curtains. We can make your curtains out of many other materials and in a wide range of colors which you can choose from for the specific requirements of your project.