Don’t Buy New Stage Curtains – Get Your Present Ones Cleaned

Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, that includes theatre curtains. As a very rough rule of thumb, it has been said that, with all the abuse they suffer, after ten years, theatre curtains are going to look a little the worse for wear.

However, that is only a very rough guide and will depend on the type of material (obviously), how often they are used, and the type of venue. Obviously, the amount of use can vary enormously, with West End theatres maybe having ten productions a week, while the local village hall may only have half a dozen a year. However, whether they are in a West End theatre or the village hall, they will still get dirty – some fabrics more so than others.

So what’s the answer? Do you bite the bullet, pull them down, and invest in new curtains, or what? That’s certainly one answer, but it can be an expensive one.

Now here’s some good news: at Cameo Curtains, we are not just a new curtain and track suppliers – although we do make a lot of curtains for installation up and down the country. We also provide a curtain cleaning service.

Yes, if your curtains are still in reasonably good order but just look tired and dirty, we can provide curtain cleaning for you and save you a considerable amount of money over the cost of buying new curtains. We dry clean your curtains and they will come back to you looking good again, giving them a new lease of life.

What about fireproofing? We thought you’d never ask. Yes, we can re-fireproof your curtains for you as well. Sometimes you may have curtains that don’t actually need dry cleaning just yet but do need fireproofing. This is because the fireproofing on some fabrics lasts longer than others, depending on the fabric, and also depending on the atmosphere in your venue.

So don’t just take those old curtains down and throw them away. Talk to us about drapery cleaning and curtain cleaning instead. You could save yourself a considerable amount of money and have your curtains last a good few years longer yet.