Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Service

Corvid-19 deep cleaning in schools and community premises may be a necessary requirement once the Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. Cameo Curtains, in response to this need now offer premises chemical treatments as recommended by the World Health Organisation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and used by the NHS for sterilisation.

Effectively, most enveloped viruses are weak and easily destroyed with hot water and disinfectant – as with washing hands.

Cleaning Process Benefits

The chemical treatment we offer can be applied to both hard surfaces and soft furnishings and have the following key benefits:

• Log kill of 6 – destroys 99.9999% of known germs
• Leaves a lasting layer of protection dependent upon environmental factors
• Water-based
• Non-toxic
• Safe for use with children, elderly and pets
• Bio degradable

Cleaning Enquiries

To discuss your specific requirements please use the contact form or call 07932 417 148