Everything Needed For Curtains For Theatres And Large Windows

Cameo Curtains should be your first port of call when you are looking for stage curtains, as we are a leading manufacturer and installer in the UK. We produce every type of stage curtains that you will ever need, and also large curtains for many other venues such as large office entrance halls, schools, church halls, colleges, universities, and more.

We can manufacture your curtains from any type of fabric that you wish and it is always flame-retardant.

Many buildings other than theatres and cinemas require large curtains and we can produce them to any size needed. For instance, village halls often have large windows and may have to keep fit classes and wish to have curtains that will prevent passers-by from stopping to take a look. The same thing applies to many church halls.

Equally, church halls and others may have committee meetings in the evening in the winter and again need curtains for privacy. You may also want to block out sunlight for some purposes, and a tight cotton weave will do this very well. Another choice for large windows is velvet. This is a heavy material and because of its’ thickness blocks out light and can also help to absorb extraneous sound.

When you are using heavy curtains for the front of house drapes it is, of course, essential that they run on stage tracks which are big enough to do the job. At Cameo Curtains, we can install stage tracks that will handle the weight of heavy curtains. We can also supply spares, and repair existing curtain tracks which have become faulty.

In addition, we can supply theatre ropes if your curtains are operated manually, but you may have decided that it is time to go automatic, in which case we can supply and install all the equipment that you need to open and close your stage curtains at the touch of a button. It is considerably easier than doing it manually.

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