Stylish Front of House Curtains and Drapes

Front Of House Curtains From Cameo Can Come In Many Styles

A Choice Of Colours And Materials

Front of House curtains are the main curtains that separate the performers in a play from the audience and are usually opened when the performance commences and closed during the intervals and at the end of the play. They usually have an overlap where they meet in the centre of the stage so that there is no gap between them when they are closed.

Front of House drapes may be opened and closed by hand, which is also known as “walkalong”, or they may be opened and closed with a winch system which can be either manually operated or electrically operated. The main benefit of a winched system, whether manually or electrically operated, is that the left hand and right hand Front of House curtains both open and close at the same speed, so they always reach their fully open or fully closed position at exactly the same time.

The Front of House drapes are typically made from a heavier gauge material than the other stage curtains, and are often wool serge or cotton velvet.We can produce house drapes in any sort of material that you wish, but of course it has to be fire-proofed in order to comply with regulations.

At Cameo, our skilled seamstresses can sew your house curtains with your choice of pleats to add more fullness to them. There are several different types of pleats your house drapes can have, such as full box pleats, and pinch pleats, to name a few.