Large Curtains Of All Descriptions From Cameo Curtains

At Cameo Curtains our speciality is in making large curtains of all descriptions. Quite obviously, we manufacture and supply a lot of different types of theatre curtains, but there are many other buildings that have large windows that also need curtains, such as school halls, village halls, major office buildings with very large entrance halls, church halls, libraries, town halls, and so on. All of these are buildings to which the public has access and which from time to time require privacy, especially during the dark afternoons in winter when the lights are on inside.

At Cameo Curtains, we have the equipment necessary to handle these huge pieces of cloth and also a team of skilled machinists and seamstresses who know how to use it. Furthermore, when you are handling heavy velour’s they can be just that – heavy.

However, it is no problem for the team at Cameo Curtains. Whether you need village hall curtains for the front of the stage, Black Wool Serge Curtains, church stage backdrops, curtains for the windows of your school hall, or any other large curtains, Cameo has got you covered.

Not only can we make you any sort of very large curtains, but we can also supply all the hardware you need to operate them. If you have a theatre the very best way of opening and closing front of house curtains is to have them automated. All you then have to do is to press a button! However, we also supply all sorts of theatre ropes for manually operated curtains, and we can supply and install all of the track that you need. While some people may choose to try and install curtains themselves, we cannot emphasise too much that it is a job for the professionals and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. After all, it is working at a considerable height.

We can also provide blackout or dim-out curtains to any venue where outside light needs to be controlled, such as conference halls, lecture rooms, and so on. These can be in a choice of colours and can be fully lined to repel any light.

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