Large / Wide / Big Window Curtains

Curtains for Large / Wide / Big Windows

Large Window Curtains May Be Needed For Many Buildings.

At Cameo Curtains & Blinds, we are noted for our stage curtains which we manufacture and install in theatres, schools, colleges and cinema’s up and down the country.

We don’t only produce stage curtains and cinema curtains because our expert seamstresses can produce any curtains for large windows. Many other types of venue require curtains for wide windows, such as hotels, retail stores, office blocks, and so on. We can design and manufacture curtains for big windows that may be very tall as in an office block or a library or a town hall, for example.

We can produce curtains for wide windows, with no limit to the width or height. Large window curtains can also be a necessity for many public buildings, such as hospitals, shopping malls, bowling alleys, and so on, and also places such as a car showroom, university, gym, church hall, or airport terminal may need curtains for big windows.

No matter what your requirements for curtains for large windows, at Cameo Curtains we can produce and install them for you.

What Are The Best Fabrics For Large Window Curtains?

When choosing large window curtains there is a selection of fabrics that you can use. Polyester is a common fabric for big window curtains as it is sturdy, durable, and also affordable. It is very low maintenance, and suitable for curtains for wide windows as it resists stretching, shrinking, and wrinkling.

Cotton is another choice for wide window curtains. Cotton, or cotton blend curtains, have a clean crisp look about them which goes well with both a traditional and modern style of the room. They also drape very well. If you want to block sunlight you can choose cotton curtains for large windows with a tight weave. However, if you need a light airy feel for big window curtains, go for sheer cotton instead.

For curtains for big windows, you might also choose silk. It is heavier than other curtain materials, but when used for large window curtains it has a very classy look and is suitable for formal situations. Bear in mind that silk is dry clean only. When used for curtains for wide windows it is also susceptible to sun damage, so you really need to protect the curtains with lighter coloured panels as a lining.

Another choice for curtains for large windows is velvet. This is very heavy material which drapes very well, and thanks to its’ thickness help with privacy, blocks light, and to some extent blocks out sound.

For wide window curtains, you might also choose linen. It drapes well and is a more “billowy” fabric that still offers a tailored appearance. The sheer fabric, when used for curtains for big windows, doesn’t block out sunlight. Linen is dry clean only and should be hung immediately to avoid any wrinkles.

No matter what your requirements for curtains for large windows, at Cameo Curtains we can produce and install them for you.