Blackout Curtains Can Reduce More Than Just Light

Contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains do not have to be black. They can be made in a variety of different colours and lined with a lightweight foam or have a core of black sunblock fibre.

In theatres, they are used to control the entry of light to specific areas, either blocking it completely or dimming it considerably, for whatever reason that is needed. However, blackout curtains are not only used in theatres, but also in many other places where the entry of light needs to be controlled such as conference centres, lecture rooms, university halls, schools, science laboratories, and more.

Furthermore, blackout curtains are not only used to control light but also can be used to control sound. So, for example, they might be used in a music rehearsal room or music studio where the sound coming in from the outside world interfere with the sound that is being sought.

It gets even better because you can also use blackout curtains to control the heat! Yes, you can use blackout curtains on your windows to reduce the heat of the sun in summer. Blackout curtains on your windows can actually reduce the amount of heat from the sun by as much as a quarter, which will make the room considerably more comfortable on those hot July and August days. If you use blackout curtains for that purpose, and your windows face east you need to ensure that they are drawn before sunrise: in fact, you may very well want to draw them before you go to bed.

Quite obviously, as the sun moves around during the day, you need to close your south-facing windows before it gets there, and your west-facing ones a little later. (Well, yes, strictly speaking, as the earth moves around, but it always seems to us that it is the sun which is doing so).

At Cameo Curtains we can make blackout curtains for you for any purpose that you require, whether it is to keep light out of a stage or conference hall, minimise noise from outside sound, or just keep you cooler in the summer. Blackout curtains can achieve all those ends.

Everything Needed For Curtains For Theatres And Large Windows

Cameo Curtains should be your first port of call when you are looking for stage curtains, as we are a leading manufacturer and installer in the UK. We produce every type of stage curtains that you will ever need, and also large curtains for many other venues such as large office entrance halls, schools, church halls, colleges, universities, and more.

We can manufacture your curtains from any type of fabric that you wish and it is always flame-retardant.

Many buildings other than theatres and cinemas require large curtains and we can produce them to any size needed. For instance, village halls often have large windows and may have to keep fit classes and wish to have curtains that will prevent passers-by from stopping to take a look. The same thing applies to many church halls.

Equally, church halls and others may have committee meetings in the evening in the winter and again need curtains for privacy. You may also want to block out sunlight for some purposes, and a tight cotton weave will do this very well. Another choice for large windows is velvet. This is a heavy material and because of its’ thickness blocks out light and can also help to absorb extraneous sound.

When you are using heavy curtains for the front of house drapes it is, of course, essential that they run on stage tracks which are big enough to do the job. At Cameo Curtains, we can install stage tracks that will handle the weight of heavy curtains. We can also supply spares, and repair existing curtain tracks which have become faulty.

In addition, we can supply theatre ropes if your curtains are operated manually, but you may have decided that it is time to go automatic, in which case we can supply and install all the equipment that you need to open and close your stage curtains at the touch of a button. It is considerably easier than doing it manually.

Large Curtains Of All Descriptions From Cameo Curtains

At Cameo Curtains our speciality is in making large curtains of all descriptions. Quite obviously, we manufacture and supply a lot of different types of theatre curtains, but there are many other buildings that have large windows that also need curtains, such as school halls, village halls, major office buildings with very large entrance halls, church halls, libraries, town halls, and so on. All of these are buildings to which the public has access and which from time to time require privacy, especially during the dark afternoons in winter when the lights are on inside.

At Cameo Curtains, we have the equipment necessary to handle these huge pieces of cloth and also a team of skilled machinists and seamstresses who know how to use it. Furthermore, when you are handling heavy velour’s they can be just that – heavy.

However, it is no problem for the team at Cameo Curtains. Whether you need village hall curtains for the front of the stage, Black Wool Serge Curtains, church stage backdrops, curtains for the windows of your school hall, or any other large curtains, Cameo has got you covered.

Not only can we make you any sort of very large curtains, but we can also supply all the hardware you need to operate them. If you have a theatre the very best way of opening and closing front of house curtains is to have them automated. All you then have to do is to press a button! However, we also supply all sorts of theatre ropes for manually operated curtains, and we can supply and install all of the track that you need. While some people may choose to try and install curtains themselves, we cannot emphasise too much that it is a job for the professionals and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. After all, it is working at a considerable height.

We can also provide blackout or dim-out curtains to any venue where outside light needs to be controlled, such as conference halls, lecture rooms, and so on. These can be in a choice of colours and can be fully lined to repel any light.

Some of the Types of Theatre Curtains We Supply at Cameo Curtains

Theatre curtains are used for a number of different purposes, many types being used to block light or sound, or to help sound move the way it is desired – normally towards the audience – improving the sound quality.

Front of house curtains are the visual barrier between the stage and the audience and are usually closed before the performance begins and during intervals. Intervals allow the stagehands to change the scenery if required without the audience seeing what is going on. Front of house curtains, or main curtains, are always made of inherently flame-retardant material.

Blackout curtains can be used in a number of different ways in order to dim or completely block light. They can be used at the sides of the stage performance area in order to hide off-stage areas and equipment from the view of the audience. These legs, as they are sometimes called, are made from light masking fabrics that totally or partially block the light from reaching the stage. They also minimise any light reflection from the stage itself.

Blackout curtains can also be used to help with the acoustics. When made of heavy porous material, such as black wool serge, they can help to improve the sound quality as well as blocking or dimming the light.

Backdrop curtains hang at the back or centrally on the stage and can perform a number of functions. Often, they are made from canvas and can be painted with a scene as a background to the action taking place on the stage. They can also be used for projection or lighting effects.

A scrim is another type of curtain and is made from an open-weave material that appears opaque when lit from the front, but becomes transparent if somebody or something behind it is lit. These are just a few of the types of curtains we can make at Cameo, but there are others such as cycs, borders, travelers, and so on.

Cameo Make Curtains For Big Windows

At Cameo Curtains, we are known the length and breadth of the country for our theatre and stage curtains. We manufacture and supply every type of theatre curtain including front of house curtains, tormentors, legs, backdrops, cycloramas (or cycs), borders, – in fact everything you could need. In addition to that, we supply all the theatre equipment that you need such as curtain tracks, theatre ropes, motors for motorised curtains, and we also have a full installation service for any venue in the UK. In fact, if you are buying curtains and/or equipment from us you should always let us install it because it is a job for professionals using the right equipment and tools.

However, we don’t just manufacture theatre curtains. Because we have the equipment and a skilled workforce, we can make any type of curtains for big windows. Very many buildings have large windows, some of them very large indeed.

Take department stores, for instance. Many have very large display windows and choose to close a pair of curtains when they are changing their displays so that members of the public who are passing cannot see what is going on. This is useful when they want to make a dramatic impact on, say, the first day of a sale or perhaps featuring a new designer for the first time. Major car dealerships also need curtains for wide windows in order to hide a new model of the brand of car that they sell until the international day of launch. Hiding things away like this builds up an air of excitement and anticipation in potential customers.

Then there are office blocks which have very grand entrance halls and need curtains for large windows. So do other places such as hotels and some public buildings.

No matter what your requirement for large curtains, at Cameo Curtains we have the tools and machinery, along with our team of skilled people to make curtains of any size that you need. As we said, we will also install them for you wherever required in the UK.


Don’t Buy New Stage Curtains – Get Your Present Ones Cleaned

Nothing lasts forever, and unfortunately, that includes theatre curtains. As a very rough rule of thumb, it has been said that, with all the abuse they suffer, after ten years, theatre curtains are going to look a little the worse for wear.

However, that is only a very rough guide and will depend on the type of material (obviously), how often they are used, and the type of venue. Obviously, the amount of use can vary enormously, with West End theatres maybe having ten productions a week, while the local village hall may only have half a dozen a year. However, whether they are in a West End theatre or the village hall, they will still get dirty – some fabrics more so than others.

So what’s the answer? Do you bite the bullet, pull them down, and invest in new curtains, or what? That’s certainly one answer, but it can be an expensive one.

Now here’s some good news: at Cameo Curtains, we are not just a new curtain and track suppliers – although we do make a lot of curtains for installation up and down the country. We also provide a curtain cleaning service.

Yes, if your curtains are still in reasonably good order but just look tired and dirty, we can provide curtain cleaning for you and save you a considerable amount of money over the cost of buying new curtains. We dry clean your curtains and they will come back to you looking good again, giving them a new lease of life.

What about fireproofing? We thought you’d never ask. Yes, we can re-fireproof your curtains for you as well. Sometimes you may have curtains that don’t actually need dry cleaning just yet but do need fireproofing. This is because the fireproofing on some fabrics lasts longer than others, depending on the fabric, and also depending on the atmosphere in your venue.

So don’t just take those old curtains down and throw them away. Talk to us about drapery cleaning and curtain cleaning instead. You could save yourself a considerable amount of money and have your curtains last a good few years longer yet.

We Make A Wide Range Of Curtains For Many Purposes

At Cameo Curtains, we manufacture a wide range of stage curtains and front of house curtains in any width and drop that is required. However, we also produce curtains for many other purposes such as exhibition halls, conferences, hotels, office entrances, casinos, churches, village halls, schools and colleges, and many other uses as well. Basically, if you have a large space that needs curtains, we can do it. We don’t make curtains for your bathroom window: we could, but we specialize in covering large areas.

One of the most often required curtains that we are asked for is black wool serge curtains. These have many uses because they block out the light, but they also have sound-deadening qualities as well. This is why they have a number of uses in theatres as backdrops, legs, tormentors, fly bars, and so on. They are also often used for exhibitions when you need a backdrop for a stand, for conferences for the same reason, and they can be used as window curtains in buildings which have very large windows such as office receptions where there may be a need to shut off viewers from outside when it is dark and the lights are on.

These black serge curtains can also be used, and often are, as part of our pipe and drapes systems. These systems have many uses because they are easily transportable and don’t require any tools to set up. They have extra heavy base plates and uprights that can extend to 14 feet. The telescopic crossbars extend to 12 feet and just clip into the uprights, and you can have a series of them making them as long as you want. You can also use them at right angles so if you are exhibiting at, say, a county fair in the open air, you can section off your stand from those on either side.

Of course, you don’t have to have black serge curtains. We can make your curtains out of many other materials and in a wide range of colors which you can choose from for the specific requirements of your project.

When Looking For Stage Curtains, You Need A Company with Expertise

When you are looking for theatre curtains you need a company that has the expertise and creativity to manufacture whatever you need, and also that is the best for your particular situation. Every stage is different, and so every curtain has to be different too, so that it does the job that it has to do perfectly. Anything less is not acceptable.

Here at Cameo Curtains, we have been manufacturing stage and theatre curtains of every type and style in a wide range of different materials for over 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we are happy to send one of our consultants to meet you for an on-site visit with no obligation in order to ensure that we fully understand your requirements.

Our consultants also have sufficient experience to be able to advise you about anything that you may not be sure about. If you have been in the theatre business for 30 years, you may not need any advice from us. However, if you have just started an amateur dramatic group and are going to put on performances in your local village hall, then you may need some ideas about the best way to hang drapes and curtains, the right sort of tracking to use, how many legs to have, and so on.

It’s possible you may not even know what the terms “legs”, “cycs”, tormentors, and so on, mean in this instance. It’s not a problem. We understand, and when we have had a meeting with you, you will too, so that you will then be in the best position to make the right decisions for your particular situation, and most importantly, ones that fit in with your budget.

It is also possible that we could save you some money in another way. This is because we also clean and re-hang all types of theatre curtains, and if you can have them cleaned and give them a new lease of life, why buy new?

We cover the whole of the UK, so reach out to us by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of the page, and let’s set up a meeting that is convenient for you.

A Complete Service For Stage Curtains And Equipment

At Cameo Curtains we are one of the foremost suppliers and installers of stage curtains in the UK. Having been in the business or over 20 years, we have installed hundreds of stage drapes up and down the country not just in theatres, but in cinemas, church halls, village halls, conference centres, school halls, and more. No matter how big the curtains you require, at Cameo Curtains we have the experience and the expert seamstresses to tackle the toughest jobs.

Cameo can also supply any type of stage equipment that you need. We can supply the traditional beige polyester theatre ropes in diameters from 5mm up to 24mm on 100m reels or cut to length as you require. One of our most popular ropes is the 8mm diameter black polyester rope which is 16 plait and has a soft finish. 

We also supply and install theatre grade tracking for any size of curtain, and these can be manually operated or automated. The advantage of automated curtains is that you only have to press a button, and they meet perfectly in the centre at the same time every time.

In addition, Cameo supplies pipe and drape systems. These are ideal for all sorts of purposes as well as theatres. They can be used for exhibitions, and trade shows, for conference halls, for a wedding reception, in orchestra pits, and so on, and they are simplicity itself to set up and take down without the use of any tools.

You can choose one of our popular packages of between one and four curtains, depending on the configuration that you need, or you can build your own by simply selecting the number of uprights, crossbars, and bases that you need and then finish with the drapes of your choice which will be made to measure, according to the layout that you have decided.

At Cameo Curtains we are happy to have one of our expert consultants make a site visit free of charge in order to ascertain the best way to understand your individual requirements, identify any problem areas, and offer advice about the best way to resolve them. 

Stage Curtains For Every Possible Venue And Purpose

At Cameo Curtains we can supply and install every possible type and style of stage curtains for any venue. We can provide a very quick turnaround for curtains of any length and in any type of material that you require, within our stock ranges.

We are very happy to offer a totally free site visit so that we can understand your requirements and appreciate what you are trying to achieve. This will also give us the opportunity to make any suggestions that will help you to arrive at the perfect outcome, we can also measure up and check  for correct fittings. We have manufactured, supplied, and installed theatre curtains for stages in theatres, cinemas, school, churches, village halls, conference centres, and more, across the UK.

All of our curtains can be made from a wide choice of materials and in a choice of many different colours to match the décor of your venue, or to stand out from it as you wish. Some customers wish their front of house curtains to blend in with the surroundings, while others want them to stand out so that the stage becomes the major point of focus.

We also supply pipe and drape systems for use in conferences, trade shows, orchestra pits, photo booths, private areas, and more. Choose from our pipe and drape system packages, or simply build your own to suit your venue and your requirements. Just decide on the number of base plates you need, choose the uprights and crossbars and then select the drapes of your choice. Our twist fit system makes setting up a breeze. Because the uprights and crossbars are telescopic, it means that you can fix them at any point rather than pre-set locations, and without the need for clamps or any tools.