Blackout Curtains

Cameo offer Blackout Curtains for use in any space where near blackout conditions are required.
We can supply and install blackout or dim-out arrangements for windows and doors in theatres,
conference halls, lecture and classrooms or anywhere that requires ‘outside’ light to be controlled.

They can equally be used as part of a system to acoustically tune a space such as a music rehearsal room, although specialist advice may be required.

Our blackout and dim-out curtains are typically made from either Lanvera, Budlan or Dimalan – all hardwearing, durable inherently flame retardant fabrics (IFR), conforming to BS 5867 part 2B. A
range of colours are available with black backing as standard, or drapes can be fully lined to make
them impervious to any light source.

The choice of track depends on the fixture and the application, as well as the curtain drop and width – all of which will make the blacking or dimming-out process more effective.

Please contact our sales office to discuss your specific requirements. Simply let us have fixing details and dimensions and we will quote accordingly.

Blackout Curtain Cleaning

All Blackout Curtains should be periodically cleaned with a soft brush or vacuum (never wet curtains
as this may affect their flame retardancy).

For a quote on our Blackout Curtain cleaning services, please contact us.

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