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Auditorium and Theatre Curtains and Drapes

All Types Of Theatre Curtains & Drapes Designed and Made To Order

Curtains specialists, Cameo Curtains & Blinds, manufactures and supplies all types of theatre curtains and theatre drapes. Directing sound and light on stage is essential, since if you want the performance to make the biggest possible impact the image needs to be framed in the right way. Stage-masking theatrical curtains are used at the side of the performance area so that the backstage equipment and operatives are outside the view of the auditorium. These auditorium curtains are made from fabrics that should block the light emanating from behind and at the legs of the stage so that it cannot possibly affect the theatrical performance.

Some theatre drapes can also be used in a limited way as acoustic theatre curtains in order to dampen as much sound as possible from reaching the auditorium. These theatrical curtains are heavyweight and porous so that they can also help to improve the theatrical sound quality from the stage.

Curtain Fabrics and Finish

Theatrical curtains can be made from a number of different materials. Traditional auditorium cotton velvets have a directional pile and matt finish and can be produced in a range of different colours. Our auditorium curtains can also be made from IFR polyester which is inherently flame retardant, very low maintenance, and resistant to wrinkling and moisture. Traditional black and coloured wool serge drapes are still as popular as ever offering a hard wearing practical solution.