Stage Curtain Cleaning Service

Stage Curtain Dry Cleaning, Re-flameproofing, and Repair Service

Professional Stage Curtain and Drapes Cleaning Service


Cameo Curtains & Blinds provides a comprehensive stage and theatre curtain cleaning and reproofing service throughout the UK. 

Our curtain cleaning and drapery cleaning service can often restore older drapery at less cost than buying new curtains and could potentially let you use your old curtains and drapery for longer with regular dry cleaning and re-flameproofing.

Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Service


Stage Curtain Repairs

Any way in which you can reduce your overheads has to be welcomed in this day and age, and our curtain cleaning and drapery cleaning service will do just that. Not only that, but if your curtains have become damaged in any way, our skilled machinists will often be able to undertake repairs and make them look as good as new.

Stage Curtain Trackway Service & Repairs

Furthermore, at Cameo we can service and repair your existing trackways in order to keep everything running smoothly, or we can supply and install custom made trackways that are of a heavy duty standard and designed to handle the extra weight of those stage curtains.

To take advantage of our custom curtain cleaning service, call us on 01353 497 717 or email us on