When Looking For Stage Curtains, You Need A Company with Expertise

When you are looking for theatre curtains you need a company that has the expertise and creativity to manufacture whatever you need, and also that is the best for your particular situation. Every stage is different, and so every curtain has to be different too, so that it does the job that it has to do perfectly. Anything less is not acceptable.

Here at Cameo Curtains, we have been manufacturing stage and theatre curtains of every type and style in a wide range of different materials for over 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we are happy to send one of our consultants to meet you for an on-site visit with no obligation in order to ensure that we fully understand your requirements.

Our consultants also have sufficient experience to be able to advise you about anything that you may not be sure about. If you have been in the theatre business for 30 years, you may not need any advice from us. However, if you have just started an amateur dramatic group and are going to put on performances in your local village hall, then you may need some ideas about the best way to hang drapes and curtains, the right sort of tracking to use, how many legs to have, and so on.

It’s possible you may not even know what the terms “legs”, “cycs”, tormentors, and so on, mean in this instance. It’s not a problem. We understand, and when we have had a meeting with you, you will too, so that you will then be in the best position to make the right decisions for your particular situation, and most importantly, ones that fit in with your budget.

It is also possible that we could save you some money in another way. This is because we also clean and re-hang all types of theatre curtains, and if you can have them cleaned and give them a new lease of life, why buy new?

We cover the whole of the UK, so reach out to us by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of the page, and let’s set up a meeting that is convenient for you.

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